"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 L
price: 1,170 UAH
"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 L
"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 L
Liquid concentrated cleaner for cleaning the automobile cooling system and its individual elements.

It is applied for:
• cleaning of heavily clogged cooling systems from scale, corrosion products and decomposition of antifreezes
• dissolving and removing hazardous deposits in the radiator, heat exchangers, cranes, thermostats and water pumps
• Improve heating and cooling conditions and increase the service life of the units
On the basis of "SVOD®-RVN", a 10% detergent solution is prepared, by dissolving the calculated amount of the agent in water (0.5-1l of the agent for 5-10 liters of water).
For autoservice centers: it is recommended to flush with a booster. Disconnect the nipples of the internal combustion engine element necessary for cleaning and connect the booster. If necessary, pre-drain the engine coolant (antifreeze) solution to the required level, eliminating the flow of coolant over the surface and the internal combustion engine parts. A prerequisite for flushing is to ensure the flow of the cleaning solution through all channels of the equipment to be cleaned. Efficiency to remove clogging is achieved at a wash solution temperature of 20-40 ° C. After washing with a booster for 60 minutes, drain the reagent from the booster vessel and pour into the sewer. Unlike other similar means, additional passivation of metal surfaces is not required. Simply fill the booster with water and rinse for 10-15 minutes, changing the direction of the liquid flow, using the "reverse" function of the rinsing station to completely remove the internal volume of the individual element from the debris residues. At the end of cleaning, connect the pipes in reverse order and top up the engine coolant level to the required level. For self-use: flushing is done on a cold engine. Drain the coolant and fill the system with a previously prepared solution, do not cover the expansion tank cap. Start the engine and warm it to 40 ° C.
The process of washing is accompanied by active gas evolution, if the gas emission did not stop when heated to 40 ° C, then it is necessary to let the engine cool down and repeat the warm-up procedure. After the cleaning process, the equipment is washed with water. Finally, fill the system with a new coolant.

All the products of the SVOD® series are marked with the green line. This is evidence of the guarantee of high consumer qualities and ecological purity.
Packing - canister 5 l
Weight - 6.75 kg
"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 L
"SVOD-RVN" Professional, 5 L